3 Tips for a Fit Freshers Week

3 Tips for a Fit Freshers Week

Looking forward to Freshers Week? It’s one of the most exciting times in a student’s life and a big opportunity to make friends and be independent.

There’s plenty to occupy you, from socializing to enjoying the local bars. You’ll have a great time but let’s face it, these experiences aren’t exactly the best for your health!

You may think it’s difficult to do healthy living as a fresher. It isn’t… the apps below make it easy to plan a routine and stick to it, all within your budget.

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1. Eat well


Put simply, your body is an engine. And like any engine it needs the right type of fuel to burn so you can exercise at full capacity.

Here’s the thing. Health food isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s easy to eat well, and what’s more stay inside your price range.

Fit Men Cook puts the emphasis on budget as well as great taste. It’s a flexible app that becomes your best friend in the fight against flab.

Their recipes can be prepared in bulk, meaning you have cheap food through the week. It even does the maths for you if you want to double or treble your portions.

2. Make time


Exercise takes a lot of discipline. Taking time out of a busy schedule to do it is a whole other ball game.

The amusingly-named app Planny is all to do with… well, “to do”! It’s the ultimate list maker, and has you following all your daily tasks through to the end.

Everything you need to get done in a day is covered, from finishing an essay to hoovering the carpet. The app is clearly laid out and easy to get to grips with.

You’ll never miss one of those all-important exercise sessions again. You probably wouldn’t mind avoiding a workout of course, but Planny keeps you on the right track!

3. Burn up


When you start exercising, you may feel daunted at the time it takes. You really have to work at it, and sometimes you won’t feel up to the challenge.

Want to know a secret? You don’t have to spend hours sweating your life away to achieve that taut physique.

Seven - 7 Min Workout has a straightforward title with a simple message: you can get all your major workouts done in bursts of 30 seconds!

It works like a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. It’s a scientifically proven, all-over workout package. High intensity, impressive results.

You don’t have to own fancy gym equipment to do the exercises either. Some require no more than a chair and a wall, so it’s never been easier to feel the burn.

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