3 Cheap ways to avoid gaining 15 pounds in your first year

There’s no way to break this to you gently: You’re going to gain up to 15 pounds during your first year of Uni. In America they call it the “fresher’s 15”. Over here we don’t call it anything because we’re much too polite to draw attention to it.

Drinking, cheap carby meals and having control over your own portions have teamed up, like a team of super-villains, and their evil plan is to give you love handles.

Staying healthy

Let’s face it; it’s not the end of the world if you do gain a little weight whilst you party your way through your first year. But before you give in and memorise the phrase “more of me to love” here are a few money saving tips for staying healthy during unhealthy times.

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Waiting a day to eat pasta will make you thinner

Waiting a day to eat any food will make you thinner and save you money. If you reheat your pasta the following day, however, you'll absorb less calories, despite feeling just as full.

Science Yourself Thin

As pasta cools it becomes a resistant starch and your body treats it much more like a fibre. Research conducted by the programme 'Trust Me, I'm a Doctor" showed that you'll absorb a lot less calories if you reheat your pasta the following day and reduce the possibility of getting diabetes.

There’s also evidence to suggest this works with other carbs, like rice and pizza.

homer weight gain

As a bonus, freezing food will save you money. Its always fun to cook way too much food, eat it anyway to impress/disgust your housemates and then sit there stroking your belly and talking to your 'food baby'.

It just makes much more economic sense to freeze it and eat it in a few weeks when it'll actively make you thinner.*

*Please note under no circumstance will eating any type of food actively make you thinner.

Get paid to exercise

Imagine a gym where you're surrounded by a beautiful view. Imagine a gym that actually saves you money every time you use it. Imagine a gym that you sit on top of until it takes you to your chosen destination.

Congratulations, you just imagined yourself a bicycle.

george washington cycling
Now imagine one without George Washington on it, for God’s sake.

Pump your legs till you're rich

If you substitute your bus pass and your gym membership for a bike you’re basically being paid to exercise, by yourself. Now you’re thin and you’re your own boss.

Studies have also found that you’re more likely to stick to your routine if you exercise outdoors. You’re also more likely to have a more positive mental attitude, which probably because you won’t spend an hour every day sweating away in a room full of beautiful strangers all stood around making their pecks dance at each other.

Cycle Schemes

It’s cheap, too. Most universities have a bike scheme. They range from loaning bicycles for a year for a small fee, to selling bikes that were abandoned on campus the previous year at a tiny fraction of their actual value. Check out your uni’s website (you’ll usually find these pages buried away in the ‘environment and sustainability’ section) for more details.

You can also find free bicycles on sites like freecycle.org.

Only eat food once it’s mouldy

mouldy food
It’s endorsed by doctors, why not?

Certain types of mouldy food are perfectly safe to eat. There are restaurants dedicated to serving rejected food. You can drink milk long after it smells bad. You can also wait till it’s stilton, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Eat from bins

The “Freegan” movement is gaining traction, which is somewhat bizarre as it actively encourages foraging in bins for food. Students are taking it up, too.

Last resort

There are certain methods of money saving and weight loss you should only use as a last resort. Never buy second hand underwear, for instance, unless you need an excuse for why you suddenly have gonorrhoea.

As a method of weight loss, eating mouldy food may be off-putting enough to make anyone lose weight, but it’s about on par with contracting a horrendous disease.

Maybe try a salad at Ask Italian instead.

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