26 life hacks from poor students

26 real(ly funny) money saving hacks from real uni students...

26) Cheap way to drink

25) Cheaper than a new mirror, but your hair is going to look terrible...

24) Only recycle when you have a full car-load

23) Sofa - fixed

22) It's still soap till there are no bubbles left

21) Anything with holes is a functional colander

20) All milk is your milk

19) Filters are for millionaires.

18) Sock fix

17) Reheat pizza with an iron and a hairdryer rather than an oven

16) Bins are for billionaires

15) It's still good, it just needs reheating.

14) Power shower

13) Avoid theft by only owning crappy things

12) Anything that heats water can also make pasta

11) Pens are pegs

10) Make the most of snow days

9) If it doesn't immediately crumple, it's a chair

8) £1 bbq

7) Cheap speakers

6) If you can sleep there, it's your rent-free bedroom

5) Romance doesn't have to be expensive...

4) Sometimes pans are also irons

3) Just because you're poor doesn't mean you can't be classy

2) Calling this "food"

1) Improvised kebabs