26 hilarious supermarket labelling f*ck ups

Supermarkets mess things up, just the same as everyone else. Here are 25 times they did it in an amusing way...

26) Putting letters on the herbs

You're practically begging people to play rude word scrabble.

25) The time Morrisons thought Baileys was a type of book...

"I never really got into books until I discovered Irish literature."

24) This American supermarket who have some radical new ideas about orange juice

"People are tired of orange juice that's made from oranges, Frank, trust me."

23) Now in season - croutons

It had been a bumper crop of croutons this year at the crouton farm.

22) Knob Cheese - by Sainsburys

"I'm not really a fan of mild knob cheese, thanks."

"But it's two for £5, dear."

"I'm not arguing it's not a bargain, just that I like my knob cheese extra mature."

21) This car crash of product placement

"You're sure you picked up the right cough syrup, Shane. You're sure of that?"

20) This Asda who think that pets love rose

"You know, I've really gone off Bonio. Much bigger fan of a white Zinfandel these days. Woof, etc."

19) This bargain right here

I'll take 20.

18) This perfect pairing of products

"Did you get the condoms?"



"Better go out and pick up some nappies, then."

17) The way Waitrose used this bald dude's head to shift papers

"I don't know why I've been drawn in, but I want to buy all your papers, please."

16) This wafer thin treat from Morrisons

"You got any with a mustard crust?"

15) The time Sainsburys placed their internal business goals on their window

"Sainsburys - let's really rinse the idiots this quarter."

14) The time Tescos put their "just married" cards in the "regret" section

Inside reads: "I am so sorry for your loss."

13) The time Sainsburys thought these were strawberries

They're pineapples, you morons.

12) These air fresheners

Perhaps a little too discrete.

11) The supermarket who made this obscene display

Next year's bake-off challenge?

10) This bargain

Available in every supermarket everywhere.

9) The labelling of these whatchacallits...

"Banannies? Am I saying that right - bannannies?"

8) This massive reduction

Finally Uncle Ben's rice is no longer a rip-off.

7) This handy advice for new mothers...

"Well, baby gets what baby needs."

6) This bargain

Damn. Need three, but don't want to pay the "refried bean surcharge".

5) These back to school treats

"Got the uniforms?"


"New P.E. kit?"


"Kids hammered?"


4) More bargains bargains bargains from Asda

Can't... resist...

3) This apology for your incontinence

"I'm afraid we can't find any physical cause for your incontinence on the scans, Mr Conyers... Can I ask - have you been to Tescos lately?"

2) These back to school treats

"Got the uniforms?"


"New P.E. kit?"


"Kids hammered?"


"Kids got their cutters?"


1) These boneless alternatives

"How they smoothie all the bones out, I'll never know."

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