20 weird fast food menu items from around the world (it's worth flying to get to)

crazy fast food items

Yes, we all agree - fast food is terrible for you. Heart attack-inducing, salt-laden, fatty piles of garbage, served with a side of cruel irony... it's all bloody delicious. The cuisine of Satan.

It is no wonder then that fast food chain like McDonalds, Domino's Pizza and KFC are coming ever-closer to a state of world domination, operating franchises in almost every corner of the globe.

Arguably the success of such giant devil-spawned conglomerates is their ability to change their flavours with each different environment, like evil fat-provoking chameleons (again, SO tasty).

Here's a selection of some of the most unusual offerings from abroad:

#1 - The Kuro Burger

crazy kuro burger

(Burger King Japan)

This rather disturbing Kuro ('black') burger range began in 2012 as (thank God) limited editions, and have returned every year since, each time taking on a more impossibly repugnant form.

Despite appearances, these heinous creations are edible - the black colouring comes from bamboo charcoal and squid ink.

#2 - The Yin & Yang Burger

yin yang burger

(McDonald's China)

2012 was also the year that saw these 'Yin & Yang' burgers go on sale at McDonald's in China.

Sadly, the burgers were said to 'look - and taste - like hell' by bloggers but on the flipside made for a slightly more memorable game of Draughts.

#3 - The Chicken Maharaja-Mac

chicken majaraja mac

(McDonald's India)

In answer to the question of what a beef-free McDonald's menu looks like, here it is - this giant chicken concoction accompanied by cheese, salad, and the only ever use of the phrase 'sesame bedecked bread buns'.

#4 - The McAloo Wrap with Chipotle Sauce

mcaloo wrap

(McDonald's India)

Just one of the many formations of veggie staple, the McAloo, from McDonald's India. Other options for the many non-meat eaters include:

#5 - The McSpicy Paneer

mcspicy paneer

(McDonald's India)

'Here to spice up your taste quotient.'


#6 - The Veg McMuffin

veg mcmuffin

(McDonald's India)

With 20-40% of India's population being vegetarian it's no wonder that the classic Sausage & Egg McMuffin has spawned a meat-free brother.

What's more is that many Hindus do not consider those who eat eggs to be vegetarian, hence the absence of the breakfast egg and the egg-free recipes used for all McDonald's sauces.

#7 - The Croque McDo

croque mcdo

(McDonald's France)

We all remember the classic 'Je suis aller au McDo' from GCSE French, but who knew the delights that said McDo had on offer that we were all 'aller'ing for?

Take French delicacy the Croque Monsieur (essentially a ham and cheese toastie), add the Midas touch of Sir Ronald McDonald, et voilá - Le Croque McDo, s'il vous plait.

#8 - The Chicken Nugget Burger

chicken nugget burger

(Burger King Germany)

A genius product of simple German engineering. Take nuggets, take burger, and put them together. You can even try this one at home.

#9 - The Shrimp N'Crisp

shrimp n crisp

(Burger King Thailand)

Also known as the 'Ebi Filet-O' in McDonald's Japan, this is something we definitely need here in the UK - more prawn burgers. With or without cheese.

#10 - BK Fish & Fries

bk fish fries

(Burger King Pakistan)

Yes, you read that right. What ought to be a Burger King Cornwall exclusive is actually a rare treat from Pakistan.

More remarkable perhaps is the finding of this species of perfectly rectangular fish.

#11 - The Tuna McMuffin

tuna mcmuffin

(McDonald's Japan)

Inkeeping with the nautical theme is this variation on the McMuffin. I guess that's not so weird. But then there's this...

#12 - Pizza Hut Seafood Mix

pizza hut seafood mix

(Pizza Hut Japan)

Yeah.. it's not just that it looks like the sicked-up spaghetti hoops of an infant, but one of the toppings is tuna mayonnaise. Like.. what?

#13 - (Mc)Shrimps


(McDonald's Switzerland)

Seemingly the vast untamed wilderness of 'abroad' just can't get enough fish.

This Swiss offering looks pretty yummy but at 1.38CHF per shrimp (about a quid) I think I'll stick to caviar.

#14 - The Double Mashed Potato Cheeseburger

double mashed potato burger

(Burger King Taiwan)

Do I.. Do I want fries with that..?

#15 - KFC Spaghetti (with surprise ingredient)

kfc spaghetti

(KFC Philippines)

My favourite spaghetti?! WITH chopped-up hotdogs?? You had me at Pinoy.

#16 - The Double Down Dog

double down dog

(KFC Philippines)

In case you missed this going viral earlier this year, attention must be paid to this, the Elephant Man of hotdoggery, available at selected KFC outlets in the Philippines.

Like a hotdog, but instead of a bread bun you have fried chicken, and instead of a coronary artery you have shame.

#17 - The Bacon Shake

bacon shake

(Jack In The Box USA)

Lets journey back to 2012, this time at US fast food chain Jack In The Box where we were first given the opportunity to consume over half your daily calorie intake in one 24-ounce meat milkshake.

We live in interesting times, guys.

#18 - The Red Bean Pie

red bean pie

(Burger King Thailand)

How can something completely vegetarian look so much like innards?

#19 - Poutine


(McDonald's Canada)

Although this may simply look just like what people from north of the M25 call "chips n' grehveh", there is a subtle difference: the addition of 'cheese curds'. And what are cheese curds? I don't know.

And finally...

#20 - The McF*ck-Knows

(McDonald's Thailand)


Weirdly hungry now? Get a free cheeseburger from McDonalds!