22 PhD students dumb down their thesis so we can understand them

22 anonymous PhD students dumb down their theses so that we can understand them and feel smart.

22) Science.

21) This person is now a doctor.

20) Completely understand this topic now

19) That's Dr M33 to you.

18) This needed to be studied in depth, PainMatrix. You did the world a service here.

17) We knew this one!

16) Ok you missed a few important steps here, Stockholm-Syndrom

15) Ouch

14) Then you should probably leave it be, NeuroscienceNerd

13) Dr Biometrics, king of the nerds

12) One down...

11) Hero

10) A PhD in learning nothing. I have one of those.

9) Is saying "bleurgh, this is quite sticky" not quite accurate enough for you?

8) We commend your failure, RNAPII

7) It's why we all got into science

6) Good news, everyone

5) I wish someone who claims to "fornicate physics" wasn't in control of the LHC not exploding and killing us all.

4) I can't either...

3) Keep bashing till it works. Science.

2) Woah there, Einstein, slow down. We don't all have fancy PhDs you know.

1) Little too dumbed down there, Grim Reaper.

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