21 hilariously crap photo fails

Taking a decent panorama is nearly impossible. No-one, other than snipers, have hands steady enough for the task - an snipers have other things to worry about than trying to take a pretty photograph.

Here are 21 people who messed them up in worthwhile (and hilarious) ways.

21) Dachshund photograph fail

Or successful dachshund-anteater breeding programme?

20) The classic "I am your god" fail

Annoying isn't it, when you take a panorama and accidentally make your face appear above the mountains like an active and benevolent God?

19) Human Centipede 5: The Horsey Centipede

They've gone too far this time.

18) Where's the rest of Jamie?

"Forget about Jamie, he's dead now. Pose for the camera, dude."

17) The classic "undiscovered species" fail

"I don't know what it is, I just know it's haunting my f*%king nightmares."

16) Butt cat

"Butt Cat! The most effectual Butt Cat! Whose intellectual close friends get to call him B.C. Providing it's with dignity..."

15) Fist chin

Eating was much easier for Fist Chin than for normal people. Finding love was not.

14) Horrifying waterfall accident

The mafia, not normally known for documenting their crimes, took to Instagram pretty quickly, getting a thousand shares of their "reservoir body dump" post.

13) One-man bus

Typical. You wait hours for a taxi, and then it has less seats than a car and doesn't have an wheels.

12) Confirmed - we actually live in the matrix

"Don't try to move the boat. Realise that the boat does not exist."

"Jesus Christ, Morpheus, shut up and paddle."

11) Arm Face

Arm Face was finding it easy to get people's attention, but conversation was proving difficult...

10) The town where everybody drives a clown car

Although hilarious at first, drive by spritzings had become a major crime in Clown Town.

9) Human Picasso Painting

Human Picasso Painting was getting tired of hearing how post-modern his face was, and no longer saw it as a compliment...

8) Nose Mouth

"Think this is funny? Try smelling your own breath all morning every morning and tell me it's funny then."

7) Setting unreasonable body images...

"Put in some plus-sized models for Christ's sake, we can't all be feet."

6) Face Face

Face Face had an unusual disorder, having grown an extra face on his face.

5) "Come back to our cabin"

"You'll never leave."

4) Photographer captures the rapture

"Just keep swimming, Abbie, and say your prayers. Do NOT look around or renounce the lord."

3) As does another photographer...

"You've really captured the landscape of where California borders Hell, Bob, good work. Satan will be pleased."

2) Twinsies

"There's five of us. There's Matthew - he likes to point at stuff. Mark - he likes to point at one of his nipples. Luke, he likes to stand there with his knee out. John, he likes to have his bum out. And then there are the other two. We haven't named the other two."

1) Legs, drinking beer

"Life isn't easy when you're just some legs. That's why it's nice sometimes to kick back - if you'll excuse my pun - and pour a beer into the cavity where your leg should meet your hips."