2 teenagers hid in Sainsbury's and stole over £300 worth of alcohol

Two 12 and 13 year old boys hid in Sainbury's and stole over £300 worth of alcohol and food.

We've all dealt with that age old struggle of how to buy alcohol before you're 18. Do you ask your older siblings, use a fake ID or wait outside a shop hoping a nice stranger will break the law to fuel your hopefully alcohol-filled evening... OR do you just hide in a Sainsbury's, wait until everyone leaves and just go WILD.

Well, that's what two Scottish teenagers did, as they reportedly hung around an East Kildbride store for hours before it closed, and then hid in the clothes section whilst employees closed up.

Once the last employee left, they wasted no time in beginning the binge of all binges. Helping themselves to alcohol and a range of food products, they managed to drink and eat their way through over £300 worth of alcohol and food products, as well as stealing £35 cameras and memory sticks.

It took 4 hours before a night employee discovered them, but the damage had already been done.

The police have since been called and they are now dealing with the incident.