18 problems everyone has during the Easter holidays

Easter Holiday Problems

The Easter holidays are disorientating: lectures cease, you head home, there’s time to relax. Reality has a way of kicking in, though, and guilt over exam preparation – or rather, lack thereof – is sure to ruin any hopes of it being a ‘holiday’, no matter what it’s called. We know: we’ve been there. But hey, at least you're not alone.

1. Immediately missing uni

Even though at uni you missed home. Brain, make up your mind. Just please.

2. Dealing with parental requests

Being helpful around the house? THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST THE WORST.

...it's possible university has spoiled you a little bit...

3. Seeing the Christmas hook-up on a night out

...heavy drinking it is, then.

4. ...And coping with the hangover the next day

'No mum, I'm fine... just a little tired... of course we can put up shelves today...'

5. Seeing Facebook posts from that one person who's always travelling

Not that you're jealous, sat here in the grey of your hometown, having a staring competition with your textbook. No, it's all totally fiiiinnneee. Laos is overrated anyway.

6. Finding it difficult to accept the need to work

'Work? Really? Today? Nahhhhh...'

7. Though trying to make some progress

...and failing. Procrastination feels like it's physically holding you back.

And there's always something to do... Must... clean... room... for... no... reason...

8. Finding out even the laziest person you know has done some work

This is a surprise. Not the good kind.

9. Comforting yourself by pretending they’re lying

In denial? What's denial?

10. Having 'the fear' finally hit you

11. Blaming your lecturers for not teaching you properly

Which is not, strictly speaking, fair. In any way.

12. Accepting your work ethic might possibly be to blame

You put the 'pro' in procrastination.

13. Finding this work ethic a problem, even now

10 minutes work, 100 minutes rest.

14. Living in your revision outfit

15. And being judged by anyone who comes into contact with you

16. Spending hours adding up the marks you need to pass

17. Instead of doing the work to get those marks

18. Realising you're ever closer to the real world

...university is going too quickly, dammit.