17 Ping Pong Jedis

These might be well timed photos of ping pong players, or actual photographic proof of the Jedi. We prefer to believe the latter.

17) Anger leads to the dark side

16) Levitate, you will

15) See the ball. Be the ball.

14) Use the force, you must, if Vader you want to smash at ping pong

13) Jar Jar Winks

12) Don't kiss him, Leia, he turns out to be your brother (incestuous spoiler alert)

11) Panacking Skywalker

8, 9 & 10) These are not the balls you're looking for

7) The force is strong in this one

5 & 6) If you strike me down I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine, but only at ping pong

4) Hand Solo

3) If you concentrate too much, you might accidentally force one out

2) Jar Jar Winks again

1) Darth Ball

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