14 ways uni is different by the end of freshers' week

Freshers Funny Article

Freshers' is done. Kaput. It's been a blast. Perhaps. And it's probably left you with mixed feelings. Firstly, finally, you're sober. Disconcerting as this may be - and it is - it's time to reflect. Did it go how you'd expected? Probably not. Was it awesome? Yes and no. Are you still alive? Reports are unconfirmed.

1. Remember when you arrived? Innocent, excited?

...a little awkward?

Wooo, freshers' week!

2. ...And now, well... you look like this...

Though could argue that's a win.

3. You're finally starting to think about work

4. Because you've noticed everyone else getting down to it

I suppose, if you want to get pernickity about it, that is technically why you're here.

5. Though you're fretting about whether you're up to it

Work? Writing? Essays? Sure, fine. BUT WHY ISN'T THEIR A 'RECOVER FROM FRESHERS' WEEK' WEEK? That should completely be a thing.

6. You still don't recognise your city

You've been out so many times on these streets but it's like you were never here. Damn you, daylight, for making everything look weird.

7. You largely spend your days recalling your mistakes

Cringe. Cringe cringe cringe CRINGE. Somehow it didn't matter so much before. Starting to wish you'd listened to the part of your brain which said...


8. Where did these injuries come from?

You walked in with flawless skin. Now you're a walking advert for Elastoplast.

9. Part of you worries you're a fully fledged smoker now

Sure, you stuck to the 'I only ever smoke when I'm drunk' rule. But... erm...

10. At least now you're in a committed relationship

Sure, it's with alcohol, but you're strangely ok with that.

11. People may joke, but you're not worried about it going too far

12. You've accidentally given up on the weekly shop

Cereal for supper it is, then.

13. You're ready to work, to take it easy. No heavy nights.

Then your friends suggest a quiet drink.

Quiet drink, eh? You could totally do it... just the one...

14. ...and before you know it, it's 4 in the morning.

You're arms and legs have independent minds, you have no idea whether you'll ever be sober again... this is freshers' all over again.

So everything is still the same...