13 Funny Protest Signs

Students are protesting against tuition fees today. If you have strong feelings about tuition fees (or feelings of absolute neutrality) fill in our survey for your chance to win 1 of 5 £10 Amazon vouchers, we'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, below are a few funny examples of, and a quick guide to, protest signs:

Be clear how you feel

Angry protest

But not angry enough to use stencils.

Remember what you're protesting

Arms are tired protest

Dude's arms are tired.

Make sure your sign is the one they remember

Westboro baptist church protest

They don't look like they'll put the effort in, but you can't argue with those prices.

Get what you came for

Donut protest

If you only came along because you were promised donuts, then that's what you should be protesting.

Arrange yourself from left to right in order of how angry you are

Here are a list of rhymes and half rhymes for the word nuts. The guy on the right didn't choose the word "cuts".

Appeal to their better nature

direct and to the point protest slogan

No one wants to be a douche.

Stick ruthlessly to your point

scrabble protest funny

Clearly an anti Words With Friends protest. You stay out of Scrabble's market share.

Make it clear you don't protest for recreational purposes

funny angry protest sign

And make sure everyone knows you own three colours of pen. 3.

Appeal to everybody

funny generic protest sign

Yeah! I fucking hate bad stuff!

Dress up as satan

Oh she'll get her sandwich. The government are going to make her her goddamn sandwich.

Down with this sort of thing

down with this sort of thing careful now protest sign

Careful now.

Shave your balls

funny protest sign pepsi

Tidy up your genitals or they won't bring back Crystal Pepsi.

Finally, set a reasonable deadline for your demands to be met

Time travel protest sign funny

Happy protesting.

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