12 ways uni makes you appreciate you mum more than ever

Parents at Uni Funny

We all love our mums, of course we do. After all, they do go through rather a lot to get us here.

And after the nine months of imposed sobriety, the kicks, the pains, the cravings, the, erm, yucky bit, was it all plan sailing?

No, no it was not.

It likely wasn't just the attitude, either. Even when you were being nice, you probably weren't being nice.

And even mums lose the plot sometimes. But they do it awesomely.

But now you're at university, you begin admire your mum a whole lot more. Clearly, she must have really had her shit together. Here are 12 ways uni makes you appreciate your mum more than ever:

12. Her encouragement helped you get here

11. Her advice kept you on the right track

10. ...even if it was a little vague sometimes

9. She managed to keep you in clean clothes

8. You can barely do that for yourself

...let alone do it for anyone else.

7. While your surroundings could double for a tip...

...Your mother's constant vigilance managed to stop you drowning in your own filth. Secretly, don't you half wish you had someone to order you to clean your room every now and then?

6. She stopped you starving to death

Annnddddd just look at your life now:

5. You'll happily miss lectures to do this...

But thankfully, you mum made sure you were up, out of the house and actually being productive. You definitely wouldn't have gotten this far without that wake-up call.

4. Nights out remind you that you're not ready to be a parent

...because you definitely don't know the difference:

How did your mum grow up to a point she was capable of looking after someone else, as well as herself? Damn, son. But even though the ability to raise a functioning human adult is pretty awesome, there's more to to it that than.

3. There’s the chats, which you didn’t realise you’d miss

Especially the part where you had a go-to person who knew all the answers.

2. Having someone who knows what to say

…because sometimes, when your friends give you sympathy, you need someone to tell you to pull yourself together…

…and sometimes when your friends tell you to get a grip, you need some sympathy.

Mum’s always know the difference.

1. Mums keep you grounded

Uni can be about reinventing yourself, certainly, and about escaping your home town and discovering what really makes you tick. Finding who ‘you’ are is fun, it’s what matures us all. But your mum has seen it all – she lived through parts of your life you can’t even remember. Your mum is there to remind you of who you’ve been and where you’ve come from - and stopping you get too full of yourself. She is saving you a lot of embarrassment, in other words.

So thanks, mums of the world. You’re awesome.

And sorry it took us till leaving home that we really appreciated it.

Make sure your mother has a marvellous day, y'all.