12 things you definitely WILL miss about uni

Things you'll miss from uni

Summer is here, the beer is out. And though there are some things you won't miss about uni at all, there's so much that was awesome. Here are twelve that we miss... and sorry if we get a little sentimental about it...

1. Having free time

… even if that doesn't automatically mean you'll use that time especially well...

You won't have this luxury once you're working... I mean, you might not actually do anything productive once you're employed, but you will have to pretend you are (which makes wasting time far more stressful...)

2. The ridiculous in-jokes

It's the in-jokes, private references and nonsense chats that keep any friendship healthy. Though you might not realise it yet, when you don't see these friends on a daily basis, it'll be all the crazy stories which keep you close.

3. The morning after chats

Some of the most profound realisations I've heard were shared over a hungover breakfast. Just sometimes, the morning after is better than the night before... especially if you're still a little tipsy. When you're working, there's rarely time to have a catch up before you all stumble off for the bus...

4. Being able to indulge your weirdest habits

There's a lot of free time during your studies. There's a lot of bizarre societies. It's the perfect storm for encouraging and teasing out your inner weirdo. You do you, you fencing-morris-dancer-with-a-taste-for-craft-ale.

5. Doing what you want, when you want

Sacking off your 9am lecture is fine at uni, but miss your 9am at work and they'll sack you off... literally.

6. While wearing whatever you've got

Sure, these clothes might be the only things you have that are even close to being clean, but at least no-one is going to judge you for them... and even if they do, it doesn't matter. Much.

7. Um, 'rocking the casbah' whenever you fancy

If you're back with your parents, even for the summer, your sex life will return to its teenage incarnate: ie, infrequent and scheduled around whoever has a free house. Sexy, huh?

8. The experiments with booze

...because it was practically science, and you could do it any day of the week.

9. Feeling smart when you learn something

It was the point of it all, after all. Sometimes it's nice to feel all scholar-y...

10. Having a purpose

Because 'I'm studying law at uni' sounds a lot better than 'I'm unemployed and living with my parents again.'

11. …but still napping when you fancy it

Funnily enough, napping is frowned on during the afternoon analytics meeting.

12. Student discounts. Obviously.

We're pretty smooth at plugging ourselves, huh? ... but seriously, take advantage while you can. Life gets EXPENSIVE when you're a grad.