12 dogs that think they're papal

The pope visited America this week, and for some reason that meant Americans spent the week dressing up the dog like his holiness (#popedog) in order to honour the occassion. Here are the best of the dog popes and a few bonus cat popes, all of whom think they're papal.

The garden is his favourite place to pope

Who's the holy father of the catholic church? You are! Yes you are!

This one's just a little popie

Eww, there's dog pope on the floor

Much like Pope Francis, this one has been called a reluctant pope

Much like the real pope, this one is naked from the waist down

No throne, but this pope is allowed on the settee

Your holiness

This cat thinks it's the dog pope

The pope, about to go swimming

This pope oughta be ashamed of himself, he's letting down the catholic church

This is more like it

This cat pope looks like he takes a very literal view of the bible

He thinks he's papal

And the one true pope