12 best moneymaking apps

Make money on your phone

We could all do with a bit of extra money in our pockets from time to time, and if you have a smartphone you can use it to make money even when you’re out and about or even slobbed out in front of the TV.

There are a few ways to make money with apps, and we’ve grouped them into a few categories to help you out.


We post about earning money with surveys all the time on Student Money Saver, but what if you’re not sat in front of a computer all day? Filling out surveys on apps is so easy it can be done while you’re watching TV or on the bus, why not, hey?

Google Opinions

This is for Android users only, and it pays out as Google Play credit, but we get surveys through from this all the time, almost every other day, and each survey pays between 10p-50p each.

The surveys take seconds to do, and you can use the credit on music, or on in game credit for Pokemon, Candy Crush etc.

Download Google Opinions here.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is an extremely well known polling company, and there’s an app for it! Just download the app to get notified straight away of any new surveys available for you. The app pays out via PayPal too.

Download for iOS or Android.


This app comes from one of the biggest names in online surveys, and you can swap the Swagbucks you earn from completing survey tasks for vouchers or cash.

Download now.

Completing tasks

make money completing tasks

Fancy yourself as a bit of a spy? If you’re often out and about in larger towns, it’s easy to make a couple of extra quid each time you go out with one of these apps, just by snapping a picture of a takeaway menu or counting how many different orange juices your local supermarket stocks. Seriously!

Check out our guide to mystery shopping and dining for more ideas like this.


Unfortunately you need to either get an invite code or be in an area they’re recruiting new Roamler users in to get this app. We got our invite code by sending out a quick tweet, why not do it too?

Roamler is definitely the busiest task app out there, we’d only had the app 10 minutes before we earned £2 by taking a picture of bananas in Tesco. Build up your Roamler points by completing easy tasks to get up to levels where you can start earning serious cash.

Download here.


Streetbees works in a similar way to Roamler, but there’s no invite code needed. We made £3 taking pictures in Waitrose, and paid it out via PayPal on the same day.

Download and start making money.


This app is great if you don’t necessarily live in a big city, when we checked it out there were only tasks available in smaller towns. It’s still a great moneymaker if you can get in there quick enough!

Join Streetspotr now.

Field Agent (iOS only)

This is a really well known task app, but it’s for Apple users only in the UK, unfortunately!

Download it now!

Walking around

make money walking around

Strangely, there are apps that will pay you for walking around - and not much else! This is definitely the easiest way to make money on this list, as it barely requires any extra effort once you’ve downloaded these apps.


With this app you get paid for pretty much just… going places? We’ve earned £12 over 3 months just by walking about. You don’t even need to open the app or anything. Why we earned this money we have no idea.

You can either cash out as a charity donation or via PayPal.

Download the app here, and drop me a tweet for a referral code to get you an extra 500 points (50p).


Bounts awards you points for walking 7,000 steps a day, and you can swap these points for vouchers for loads of different shops, including Tesco and Amazon. You don’t need a Fitbit or Jawbone to use it (although it will link up with them if you do have one), it’ll also work with Apple’s inbuilt Health app or Google Fit (free from the app store).

Find out more about it and download here.

Buy & sell

make money buying and selling

If you need cash, selling off your old things can be a reliable way to pocket a few extra quid.


This is by far our most used money-making app, it’s the easiest way to quickly upload something you want to sell. You can use your phone’s camera for pictures and you get a push notification every time someone bids on one of your items.

Download the app here and check out our guide to selling on eBay.


Unlike eBay, selling on Gumtree is totally free, and they’ve got an app too. We recommend it for selling larger items that you don’t want to post.

Download the app here.


Have old textbooks? Duh, of course you do. Get rid of them quickly and easily with the Fatbrain app, just scan the barcode into the app to find out how much each is worth, then print off a freepost label and send them off. Easy peasy.

Download here.