102 yr old finally gets degree (just 60 years after she started it)

This 102 year old woman has finally received her degree and graduated - just 60 years after she started it.

Cecilia "Dolly" Mischel Boarman started her degree in 1957, when she was a mature student at aged 40. Now aged 102, she has says she is proud to have finally got her undergraduate degree.

Be warned, unless you get your dissertation done in time, this could be you.

Incomplete plus 60 years = degree

Cecilia had to leave her degree back in 1957, the year the Beatles met (as teenagers), before she could complete the entire degree.

She was unable to go back and complete her degree, and took a job as a teacher using the education credits she had already picked up during her (incomplete) degree.

60 years later her daughter informed Brescia University about her mother's incomplete degree, and they decided to award her an honorary degree, despite the fact that she didn't even go back to complete the extra required credits.

Allan Stewart, the oldest graduate to complete his course the normal way, completed his masters degree at age 97, after completing his undergraduate degree aged 91.

Surprise degree ceremony

The moment Cecilia graduated, she became the oldest living graduate from the university. She was awarded an Associate of Arts Honoris Casua (an honorary degree) from the Kentucky university, and says she is thrilled to finally get a degree after all these years.

Cecilia was visiting her daughter at the University, but was unaware that her daughter had arranged a "surprise degree ceremony" for her. Upon her arrival, she was awarded with the degree.

"We’ve been telling everybody about it. It was really nice of them to do it." She said of the University, of which she is now an alumna.

"It was one of the best things I’ve had the opportunity of doing during my career." She told their website.

Cecilia graduated from high school in 1931, and became a graduate in 2016. In between this, she worked as a teacher for 40 years.