10 of the worst beauty horror stories

We've all had beauty disasters in our time, and if you haven't seen the videos of people cutting their own fringes, where have you been?!
Because we spend a lot of our money and time on beautifying ourselves, it can be soul destroying when it all goes wrong.

As a cautionary tale, we've compiled the worst fails, disasters, and horror stories we could find. Beware, people!

1. Lashes looking FLY

This woman had the shock of her life after trying to apply false lashes before putting her contacts in. Don't try this at home, as it certainly isn't hygienic. She also got publicly called out by her daughter Molly, and ended up going viral on Twitter.

2. FYI waxing hurts

DIY beauty alternatives can be a great way to save some cash on expensive salon treatments. However, you need to be sure what you're doing before you start, which unfortunately this Buzzfeed community member didn't.

Especially when you're dealing with - ahem - sensitive areas. Proceed with caution.

3. Protect yourself if you respect yourself

This one is a classic from the archives, but emphasises the importance of using proper tools and protecting your hair. This famous Youtube video now has over 50 million views, and the poor girl who lost her locks (Tori Locklear) has managed to get nearly 100,000 subscribers off the back of her mishap.

Heat protection sprays are important. Buy yours here.

It'll be a while before that grows back.

4. Avoid all boys after tanning

Fake tanning is always a dangerous game, but as long as you're careful and exfoliate beforehand there should be no worries. One thing to remember, though, is stay away from liquids in the hours after application.

5. Another brow disaster

Some say eyes are the windows to the soul, but we have to argue it's probably eyebrows. Thank god for thicker brows coming into fashion recently, which helps us avoid such disasters as what happened to this Whisper app user:

6. Fake eyelashes can be a hazard

Lustrous long lashes are what we all want, right? Perhaps, but not near a naked flame.

You know what they say - Beauty comes at a cost. Guess you'll have to get your friends or partner to cook for you instead.

7. Don't copy Kylie

The Kylie Jenner challenge was a big trend for a while, and thankfully has now dissipated.

It involved sucking your lips into a bottle or shot glass to make them swell up, and the results ranged from funny to gross, with some people suffering cuts from smashed shot glasses. As you can see, a lot of young Youtubers were enticed in by the promise of fuller lips.


8. Oil and soap are different things

A relaxing bath is all you need at the end of a hard day. This girl got more than she bargained for, though, when she mistook a bath oil that needed to be diluted for a soap.

It turned her whole body pink for three days. Bet she wishes she read the instructions now.

9. Some beauty fails require a hospital trip

Not sure this one needs any explanation. Hopefully this person was able to sort their hair out without resorting to a razor. What they were doing with builders foam in their bedroom we'll never know,

10. Check your labels

Twitter user Kayla Connors' sister Kelsey was betrayed by her youth and naïveté after she washed her hair with hair removal cream. An advert for parental supervision if ever there was one.

So, what have we learned?

The main thing is look after your products. That means buying decent beauty products, keeping them in a safe place, and most importantly washing them.

Also, replace your supplies to keep bacteria at bay. When you need a new haul head to Superdrug. Plus, at the moment you can use your card in store and get 20% off - so you have no excuse!

And finally. you're not confident at waxing, plucking, and dying... leave it to someone who is.