10 ways getting exam results is like the GBBO

Collecting your exam results is a lot like the bake-off. For starters...

No matter how well you did, it isn't good enough for your Dad

We're sorry, Paul. We don't know what we did wrong, but we apologise.

If you didn't do well, there's usually someone else to blame

The not knowing is the hardest part

Are my exam results gooey enough for an A?

We take that back. Sometimes it's the knowing.

Or so gooey I fail entirely?

You think you've done well, and you're happy with the results

Blueberry eyes, cute. Penis-y nose, hilarious. Good cake, that.

Then someone shows you theirs...

... and it makes you want to weep.

And now, even though you came second you feel like this...

Rather than this

If you win you can either have cash or touch Mary Berry. Francis chose wisely.

You dwell on what you could have done better in the exam

And lose all sense of perspective

It's just a cake.

It's just a cake.

It's just a cake in a bin.

When really you should be proud of what you've achieved

And celebrate with some awkward photos

Because at least you're not hat guy

You stuck it through, rather than go home in week one.