10 thoughts you have on results day

Good luck anyone getting their GCSE results today. Results day is horrible. Here are some thoughts we all have.

Oh my god exam results are today

You wake up horrified that it's exam day, though slightly relieved you're not a cartoon dog. Then you remember...

Oh GOD! Today is TODAY

And consult your nearest calendar. Checks out.

Ok stay calm

It's ok, I can do this

Yep, sure you are.

Can I do this?

But you can. It's fine. Besides...

It's too late to do anything now

It's over, Mr Frodo.

See? Samwise agrees and he's got the word "wise" in his name. So you'd may as well stop thinking about it...

La la la la la nothing unusual is happening today la la la

You do anything you can to distract yourself, but it doesn't work.

Maybe I didn't do so well

You're not a failure, as Harry Potter will now explain...

Well, I tried my hardest

The man defeated Voldemort, respect his opinion.

Maybe I should run away rip up my results and hurl them into the sea?

Return from whence you came.

But if they're good you'll miss out on all the praise

And maybe they'll take me to Disneyland?

Ok I can do this, but I need support. Right this second.

But first I'd better calm down, and pretend everything's ok.

And what you say to everyone else is...


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