10 things we wish didn't happen on holiday but do

Student Holiday Funny

Student holidays are blissful and manic all at the same time. Even if you end up a sleep-deprived grump by the end of it, those memories (and the lovingly filtered Instagrams) are going to last a lifetime. But for all the good, there's ten things we definitely don't enjoy about going away...

1. Having a panic beforehand

I mean, we did all technically know this is when the holiday would be - but how is it here already? Must find passport... exchange money... get a travelling bag... attempt to get a tiny bit fit... find books to take... Ah. So this is why butlers exist.

2. Somebody forgetting something

You will have a friend panicking at the airport because they suddenly remembered they don't have any money... or pyjamas (...and whaddya know, suddenly that shared room arrangement seems much less appealing...).

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3. Having too many terrible photos taken

Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. It gets pretty trying after day three.

4. Bizarre injuries occurring

Either somebody in the group will discover they have an allergy to bees which makes their ankles swell rather dramatically or there'll be a fight with a palm tree. Whatever. The moral is, your holiday will injure somebody in an extremely curious way and there's nothing you can do to avoid it.

5. Somebody making an unwise choice of swimwear

You have serious qualms.

...because it will happen, and you will cringe.

6. Finding out someone in your group is a picky eater

...which makes finding anywhere to eat very difficult indeed, especially when trying to encourage them to try the local cuisine is basically...

…either that, or one of your group is determined to never eat anything but the craziest delicacies and insists you share their diet.

7. Attempting public transport

You initially admire the suggestion. Why not go out and use the public transport? How difficult can it be? You want to feel like a local, after all. And then it occurs to you that you don't have a timetable, a map, any idea of what's running and that sometimes, public transport abroad can be pretttty different from what we've got in the UK....

8. Humiliating yourself speaking the language

You must try - it's a travesty to simply speak English ever slower and ever louder - nobody wants to be seen as that person. So you're obliged to summon your courage and try a few words... but we all know to prepare for laughter, sideways glances and lots of shaking of heads. You may even get a patronising raised eyebrow and a reply in fluent English.

9. Plans never quite going to plan

Because if you aren't a laughing stock, you won't have any decent stories.

10. Not doing half the things you'd organised...

A plan will be formed. Guidebooks consulted. Arguments over whether all of the group can be bothered to go out or not. Trip-advisor scoured for decent bars. And in the end... you'll spend most of your time trying to avoid sunburn and trying to get sand out of your food.

...but who cares? It's going to be a-mah-zing.