10 things that you can sell right now and make money from

make money selling

As a poor student you’re always going to need extra cash, and as quickly as possible. A part time job is good, but keeping that balance topped up is a constant concern.

Good news! You could be making money without even leaving the house. Look around you, and you can find all manner of things to offload for additional funds.

Our 10 step guide takes you through the best options, some of which you could probably reach without even getting out of your seat…!

10. Toys and games


Ever heard that old expression about putting away childish things once you reach adulthood? Well that definitely doesn’t apply in this case.

Stop playing games. Or rather, do play them! The game of “finding pre-loved toys and other kid-oriented stuff that could be worth lots of money today” that is.

Pokemon cards for instance. It’s a smartphone-based thing now, but what about retro versions? As with anything collectable, the rarer an example you can find, the better.

The very limited edition Pikachu Illustrator Card went for a whopping £44,000! Though you can get info on other cards, which could unlock a decent amount of money.

Action figures, movie toys, board games… If you’ve got anything like that, it’s time to start rummaging. Check sites like eBay to see if you’re sitting on a winner.

You could really cash in on those chunks of childhood. Just don’t part company with something you’ll regret later!Blubbing is never a good look.

9. Clothes

Students are known for being into their fashion, though also for being disadvantaged on the financial front when it comes to snapping up the latest designs.

Here’s a cool concept. There are probably lots of clothes lying around or sitting in your wardrobe on hangers, virtually unworn or long forgotten. Why not flog them?

These could be designer clothes you picked up for a bargain that seemed like a great idea at the time. Did you know there are apps out there you can sell them through?

All it takes is a quick walk to the bedroom and a bit of a sort out, and you could find those pennies piling up. Or perhaps you have garments of the older variety…?

Vintage clothing is always sought after, provided it’s in good condition. We don’t mean mouldy old clothes that have been scrunched under your bed for a year by the way!

Websites like Etsy are associated with old world charm, and have become the eBay of another era. If you’re interested in trying them out more info can be found here.

Finally you’ve taken off the clothes, so to speak. What are you doing with those old hangers? Well, turns out you can sell these. There is actually a market out there…!

8. Cards & vouchers

If getting up and looking in your wardrobe sounds like too much work, then reach into your pocket and take out your wallet or purse. There’s money making opps aplenty inside…

This next tip is a gift. A gift card that is. If you don’t want it, then someone else will be more than happy to pick it up for a price at a website such as Card Yard.

Other slips of paper can be useful in making extra cash also. Have you ever thought of selling the ‘digital copy’ inserts found in DVD cases…? Read more about that here.

In this age of streaming hard discs are taking a hit. A simple access code comes in very handy for those who want to see a movie without getting a Netflix contract.

7. Old books

All that studying you’re doing (or should be doing) carries a hefty price tag. Finding and affording those precious textbooks may have been a particular struggle.

Go from learning to earning. You may not be using those books ever again, so why not give yourself a cash-based sweetener by selling them on to the next generation…?

Social media is the perhaps-surprising place this can happen. Facebook is becoming something of a hub for second hand sales via its Marketplace, so this is a no brainer.

However, buyer beware! Unlike sites such as Amazon, the financial side of the deal is not catered for. No secure Paypal or card transactions here, it’s all about you and the purchaser.

The ideal target market for your books is the lower years of the course you studied/are studying. Good old-fashioned word of mouth is as good as online in this case.

6. Photos

People are always on the lookout for the right pictures, some of which can be expensive due to rights issues. Many stock image sites exist, and they need material.

Open your eyes. And start snapping! It’s arguably never been a better time to try and sell quality photos, taken with your smartphone or more professional kit.

Even if you aren’t a pro, the sheer range of filters and other effects available on your phone mean you can certainly do a good impression of one!

PIXLR is seen as a good - and most importantly free - alternative to Photoshop, and it gets your snaps in showroom condition for when you approach buyers.

As for stock sites like Snapwire, these can be profitable, with you receiving a cut from every pic sold. But we can’t all be David Bailey, so develop a thick skin for rejections.

5. Your hair!


Okay, so some of these tips are going to sound a little wild! This entry isn’t for everyone, but just so you know there is a thriving market for hair out there.

Use your loaf. Or, to be more precise, the hair growing out the top if it. Wig-makers are on the lookout for a decent mane that can live on forever as an attachment.

Sites like Hair Harvest will help you part company with what’s on your scalp. Not something you can do every day, but worth considering.

4. Arts & crafts

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, at least in an artistic sense. Artists and hobbyists love to use unwanted household items, some of which may surprise you.

Look no further. Toilet roll is sought after for various projects on eBay. We’re not sure what they are. To be honest we don’t want to know! But at 10p per roll who cares?

With pennies at stake rather than mega money, the bigger the amount the better. And it’s not like they don’t stack up as the weeks go by, so collecting them is a cinch.

Other items such as egg boxes and wine corks are also wanted. Of course we would advise caution when building up a payload of the latter…

3. Advertising space

Are you be one of those attention-seeking souls with your own YouTube channel or blog? Then you might be of interest to advertisers, who will pay you to host their links.

There are conditions. Such as having the traffic to be worth the companies’ while in the first place. Then once you’re in business there are other things to watch out for.

Recently the news has been talking about controversies involving social media influencers. It pays - quite literally - to watch who you’re making deals with.

It isn’t all negative headlines though. Provided you’re careful, you can rack up the pounds as well as the hits by opening your cyber doors to the advertising world.

The best thing about it is you can build a decent business operating from the comfort of home. Just get typing/filming and you have that nice bit of extra income on the side.

2. Private parking space

This next one is a little bit of a cheat as it involves actually going outside your front door. However, as it’s renting out a parking space then that’s far from a titanic effort.

Pull up to my bumper. To quote the classic song title. Finding a place to leave your car is an increasingly difficult task, and workers are crying out for precious curb inches.

If you have a private parking space you don’t use, and you don’t have a car due to the expense or another reason, then you’d be missing a trick by not putting it out there. Check out sites such as www.justpark.com

1. The Disney Vault

Mickey Mouse! Disney is one of the world’s most successful brands, and they achieve their status by offering a great product. They also do it by being a bit sneaky.

Here’s the thing. We’re not saying they’re doing anything untoward, but when you hear about the legendary “Disney Vault” you’ll definitely want a piece of the action.

The Vault strategy applies to certain legendary titles from the extensive range of Uncle Walt’s animated movies. They’re released to own, but only for a limited time.

This naturally pushes up demand, making each release date an event and consumers scrambling to the shops to pick up a copy before they sell out.

So it makes sense to hold on to these relative rarities and sell them online when you really need a cash boost. DVDs appear to be just as worthy as Blu-rays in this area.

Special Editions and 3D packages are definitely ones to get, though we should reiterate this is only for certain classics, and not the generally-available likes of Frozen.

You might think the Disney Vault system is somewhat ruthless. But you can’t argue with the results if you have one of these pricey slices of movie magic in your possession…!

Find out more about making money with The Disney Vault here