10 reasons Mr Robot is the best show on TV

The finale of Mr Robot season 2 is about to out on Amazon Prime Video, and if it nails it, this may just be the best show on TV. If you want to watch it, check out this free 6 month Amazon Student trial here.

For the uninitiated, here's why it's the best show on TV.

10) The insane amount of hidden games and messages within the show

Any show that takes time to hide hidden messages and games into the show that only hardcore fans will get is a show that I want to watch. Mr Robot takes all that to insane new levels.

For instance, someone just figured out in season one, someone noticed that there was a tiny phone number hidden on a package of evidence taken away by investigators. They dialled the number and found out it gave the name of a website to go to, which then played a terrifying message:

"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."

They figured out it was a code, which when cracked and then translated into binary spelled out FSOCDOTSH or fsoc.sh. Going there took them to a creepy webiste, which had two more codes they then had to translate using hexadecimal to ASCII and morse code, in order to get to one final website which entered them into a competition to win Mr Robot gear.

That's the levels of effort they put into about 2 seconds of show time. You know that's going to be a good show.

9) You won't see anything else like it

Mr Robot isn't like any other programme on TV. This isn't a clear "goodies and baddies" type of show. You can't trust the narrator, you can't even trust what you see on screen. At times you'll be as paranoid about your sanity as the main character is about his, and it's all the better for it.

8) Christian Slater

Christian Slater, aka Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump and Clarence from True Romance, is great as the leader of the group of hackers F-Society.

7) Rami Malek

Award-winning Malek is so good and believable as the mentally ill Elliot.

6) The villains

The villains of Mr Robot are just as good as the hackers. Particularly strong is Tyrell Wellick, a banker who's virtually full on American Psycho at times, and his wife Joanna, equally terrifying.

5) It's the Fight Club for the next generation

Mr Robot season 1 is about a group of people, led by a mentally unwell but strong character trying to take down the world's financial institutions and reset everyone's debt to zero. Sound familiar? There are tones of Fight Club throughout Mr Robot (intentionally put there by creator Sam Esmail) and that's not a bad thing. What could be better than 26 hours of Fight Club?

4) The hacking is actually plausible

This show actually makes the effort to make the hacking plausible. None of the bizarre hacking like as seen on NCIS where two people actually jump on

NCIS didn't even take the time to figure out how keyboards work, but Mr Robot makes sure just about every hack is plausible, from hacks of government websites to webcam hacks. They even ended up predicting the Ashley Madison leak.

It's so plausible in fact, that you'll become paranoid of all your internet-connected devices. The time is almost here when you should be suspicious of your own toaster.

3) It's the best-looking show on TV

Game of Thrones looks amazing, yes. But it's got nothing on Mr Robot. The odd angles and way it's shot keep you paranoid and scanning the screen constantly for something Elliot's missed, especially in one particular scene in season 2 where you're literally invited to do this.

2) FBI agent Dom DiPerrio

It's rare to have a series where you're rooting for the heroes as well as the antagonists, but Mr Robot is one of them. Grace Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter, obviously) as Dom DiPerrio is one of those characters. She plays an actually intelligent and sympathetic FBI agent on the cusp of figuring out who did the big hack of Season 1.

She's so good you actually want her to win. And then you remember that if she wins, all of the other characters would be in jail.

1) The plot twists

We won't give anything away, but holy hell there are some great plot twists and turns in this story. The show will keep you guessing and coming up with your own crazy theories (everyone's a ghost!) throughout, before blowing those theories out of the water with something even better.

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