10 places students actually live (that will make you incredibly jealous)

It’s no secret that student accommodation can be pretty grim. Lacking in heating, toilet paper and general appeal, students often count down the weeks until they’re back at their heated and clean family homes.

However, contrary to popular belief, there are in fact some student houses out there that are probably nicer than your family home (no.. seriously, wait until you see the pictures).

So without further ado, here are some of the truly most luxurious, indulgent and heavenly digs the UK has to offer.

1. Fusion Tower, Bristol

The opulent Fusion Tower lies in the heart of the vibrant city of Bristol.

Boasting outrageously luxurious bedrooms with flat screen tvs, beautiful wooden floors and bathrooms cleaner than Buckingham palace, this accommodation is definitely something to write home about.

The kitchens look as though they’re straight out of an episode of cribs, rather than being smeared with your housemates 3 month old ketchup stains.

2. Plummer House, Newcastle

Considerably nicer than the Geordie Shore house, Plummer house’s contemporary and minimalist design is the ultimate hygge, cosy living arrangement.

As well as rooms that you truly won’t want to leave, the apartment block has its own brand new GYM! Forget the Freshers 15 with this insanely luxury gym.

3. Eclipse, Cardiff

In the heart of the Welsh capital, Eclipse looks like a Raddison hotel from a social influencer’s instagrammable holiday.

As well as spacy and modern rooms, the block itself has A NIGHT CLUB. Forget the night bus or walking home at 4am in the freezing cold, you can literally just pop down stairs and still be in bed ready for that 9am.

Not only that, but the Beauty and the Beast-esque dining rooms are so opulent you’ll be wanting to have dinner parties every single week.

Forget about broken chairs, cigarette-stained tables and constantly dirty table cloths, this is living like a true royal.

4. Nova, Nottingham

Nova in Nottingham not only has the world’s fanciest rooms, but it also hosts a gym, cinema and event room with a DJ booth and bar. Talk about party central.

Almost like a private members club, the bespoke designs will have you feeling like a celebrity, with working spaces that will make you feel like you’re amongst London’s most elite.

5. Hyde Park, Leeds

This 8 bedroom house in the centre of Leeds’ student areais what dreams are made of. With rooms bigger than your whole student house put together, this accommodation really does seem too good to be true.

With a massive kitchen, luxurious sofas, and tvs in most rooms, this really is the home away from home (that you’ll never want to leave).

6. May Street, Durham

Another 8 bed house situated in the quaint town of Durham, this house is both spacious and homely.

The bedrooms are modern, stylish and cosy, whilst the kitchen looks like it’s straight out of an IKEA magazine.

7. Kenilworth, Oxford

This 6 bed house is a far cry away from your classic student digs with peeling wallpaper and copious amounts of damp.

The light-filled bedrooms with dreamy metal bed frames look are like the higher price end of Airbnb, whilst the living room is perfectly spaced for a classy, yet laaaarge pre drinks.

8. Gateway, Edinburgh

These swanky apartments in Edinburgh will make you feel like a city elite whilst still a lowly student. Contemporary, sophisticated and classy, you’ll be begging your parents not to come and pick you up come the holidays.

9. Brook Studio, Birmingham

These studios in Birmingham look nothing like the grim 1970s tower blocks of Selly-oak. Instead they house spacious double beds, beautiful wooden floors and an air of glamour despite the student lifestyle.

10. Bloomsbury, London

And even London, the land of tiny box rooms and astronomical rents, has its fair share of actually quite decent accommodation. This studio apartment is small, but beautifully furnished, and definitely a lot nicer than the hovels your counterparts are probably inhabiting.

So there you have it: the UK’s most truly luxurious student digs that probably made you just a teeeeny bit jealous.

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