10 Easy Ways For Students To Make Money During The Summer Holidays

make money over summer

By Lana Richardson, blog editor for UniBaggage.com

After a full year at uni, living from one student loan instalment to the next, when the summer comes around you PROMISE yourself that history won’t repeat itself.

Next year at uni, you are going to be on top of your finances. No more choosing between nights out and food!

The best way to increase your financial stability as a student is to save money during the summer, to keep you afloat during the academic year. Having a part-time job simply isn’t doable for many stressed students, so having a little safety net of saved up cash is a much easier alternative.

So, if you want to get yourself off to a good financial start for your new year at uni, here are 10 easy ways to make money during the summer.

1. Tutoring

Put your hard earned education to use by offering tutoring services. Many parents will be keen to keep their children studying over the summer holidays. A great idea is to create a Facebook Page for your tutoring business and set up some low cost Facebook adverts, targeting parents in your local area.

There are also some online resources like Mytutorweb.co.uk which can align you with tutees and allows you to do the job from the comfort of your own home.

make money tutoring

2. House Sitting

With a lot of people taking holidays abroad during the summer, there’s great opportunity to offer to house sit for neighbours, relatives or family friends. This will most likely involve feeding the fish, doing a bit of gardening or watering plants and could turn into a quick and easy way to make cash.

extra cash house sitting

3. Pet Sitting

Again, as people go abroad, they’ll often need someone to look after their pets. If you’re good with animals then kindly offer to do the job. Most people will be happy to accept your offer, as doggy daycare and boarding kennels can be pretty expensive. And, if you’re well-known to the owners, you’ll be an appealing choice, as pet owners prefer to leave their beloved fur baby in the hands of someone trusted.

pet sitting for money

4. Start A Blog

We all know that mega-bloggers like Zoella and Tanya Burr are positively raking in the cash by creating content for their sites and channels. Although you probably won’t be able to reach that level within the summer months, you could still pocket a considerable amount of money by blogging.

There are many ways to earn an income through blogging; such as affiliate marketing or selling ad space or paid reviews. You will have to build up and audience and community first, but once you’ve done that, you can approach brands to advertise or collaborate with you. Or sign up to marketing agencies who will pay you to feature their clients.

how to make money from blog

5. Write An eBook

If you have some time on your hands why not write a book and self publish it on Amazon for a few quid? If your book is relatively successful you may even create a regular passive income stream as it sells a couple of copies per week.

As your book is digital, there will be very few overheads - except for your time, the cover art and perhaps getting a proofreader. And you’ll earn around 70% of each sale on Amazon. Plus - being able to call yourself an author with self-publishing experience will look great on your CV.

There are some great online tutorials on self-publishing including this easy to digest one from ACupOfLee.com

make money from an ebook

6. Buy And Sell

Packing up your belongings to move to and from uni every term has probably taught you that you have A LOT of stuff. If you have more clothes than days of the year to wear them, then sell your items on eBay or Depop. It’s an easy win.

Another great idea is to become a pro carboot sale surfer. Have a look on the likes of Gumtree, Ebay and Amazon to see which video games, CDs, DVDs and toys are making the most money online, then visit car boot sales, garage sales and charity shops to surf for these items or similar ones which you can sell online for profit.

buy and sell for money

7. Sell Your Textbooks

If you’re one of many students who spent a fortune on textbooks when starting uni (only for them to sit and gather dust by the end of the year), reclaim your cash by selling your books to new prospective students at a discounted rate. Join student forums and Facebook groups to find others who are planning to study the same subject as you. There are also websites like Unilist.co.uk and sellstudentstuff.com which allow you to list your second hand books online.

make money from textbooks

8. Be An Extra

If you have time to spare, you could make money by acting as an extra for TV or film. Contact your local film commission, casting offices or extras agencies about opportunities. Then create a resume for yourself, complete with a headshot, which you can send to them to keep on file. If you have particular skill, such as horse riding, archery, juggling or something interesting, be sure to highlight this.

Most extra work does not require any experience but you may need to become part of a union to be considered by certain organisation. Although there will be a lot of sitting and waiting around on set (be prepared for 14 hour days), you could get paid around £100 including travel expenses for one day’s work.

be an extra for money

9. Sell Your Photos

If you have an eye for photography and a decent camera in your possession, make some money from your pictures. Have a look online for photo agencies and stock libraries and contact them about adding your images to their galleries. Make sure you have a portfolio to send to these websites so they can check the quality of your work and, if you’re successful, you’ll make commission every time your image is used.

Photographs of specific locations, buildings, landscapes and tourist attractions tend to work well.

sell photos for money

10. Be A Brand Ambassador

Another great way to earn some extra income is by signing up to ‘Brand Ambassador’ schemes. Businesses and companies all around the world implement brand ambassador schemes asking people to promote them in return for cash. Some of these schemes will be solely online; brands will pay you to post about their companies on social media or on your blog. They may give you discount codes and award you commission on every sale. You could also get paid to promote brands at events, festivals or concerts by handing out free samples, wearing the brand’s T shirts or interacting with consumers.

You can find these opportunities by simply Googling “brand ambassador + your town/city” or searching for brand ambassador Facebook groups in your area.

brand ambassador for money

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