10 best affordable beauty products you absolutely need this summer

Exam season is nearly over and summer is just around the corner. After all the all nighters spent in the library and days spent revising without washing whilst wearing the same tea stained tracksuit, you may need a little of a spruce up.

We've got you covered with this ultimate list of beauty essentials at Superdrug. Plus get 20% off in store until 16th May.

Diamond White Black Edition Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish

You may have heard of using charcoal to whiten teeth, it may sound crazy but it actually works. Diamond Whites Black Edition Charcoal works buy removing the stains of dark foods and drinks and leaving you with a bright white smile. It may seem odd but the results seem to be amazing!

You can buy it here.

St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

The St.Tropez mousse is the most natural beach look tan on the market. The St. Tropez mousse looks like you've been sunbathing in the south of France before you've even started your summer holiday. The mousse application leaves your tan streak free!

You can buy it here

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Protein Pack

After spending the day at the in the sea and bathing in the sun laying on the sand, it is essential to restore the moisture in your hair. These Coconut Oil Deep Conditioning Protein Packs are the perfect cure for damaged and dry hair. You only need one pack for a week long holiday, just to restore the goodness taken away from chlorine and the sea.

You can buy it here

Nivea Sun Invisible Protect Spray Spf50

It may sound obvious, but sun cream is essential for the summer, however it's always a bit of a pain to put on. You're never quite sure if you have rubbed in all the cream into your face. Nivea have created the ultimate sun cream spray which is invisible

You can buy it here.

Carrot Sun Tan Accelerator Papaya Spray

If you are fair skinned, or just find it hard to tan, then a tan accelerator is just what you need. Carrot tan accelerator needs to be applied after a base layer of suncream in order to achieve the perfect tan!

You can buy it here

Ultrasun Overnight Summer Skin Recovery Mask

There's nothing worse on holiday than trying to sleep in a boiling hot room, whilst redder than a sunburnt lobster. Rather than waking up multiple times in the night to hang out with your face in the freezer, or reapply after-sun, try this overnight summer skin recovery mask. And then put on factor 50 the next day, for god's sake.

You can buy it here

Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Hair removal. The worst part of all beauty regimens, especially if you have the delicate skin of Belle and the body hair of The Beast. Make it easy on yourself with this spray on hair removal cream for sensitive skin.

You can buy it here.

Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh

If you're not a fan of shedding your skin during the skin like a rattlesnake (who is, besides rattlesnakes) then you need to keep your skin moist after you tan. This spray-on moisturiser with aloe vera does the trick, is easy to use, and doesn't leave you with the greasy feel left by other moisturisers.

You can buy it here.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor for Damaged Hair

Swimming in a chlorinated pool will suck the nutrients out of your hair like a leech. You're then left with dry, broken hair until you can get yourself to a shower to frantically condition it back to life.

Aussie 3 Miracle Oil treats your dry or damaged hair and gets it looking healthy and shiny again. You can buy it here.

Dove Maximum Protection Cucumber Cream Deodorant

The moment the temperature goes above 20c it's either time to get yourself a decent anti-perspirant deodorant, or get yourself a sweat bucket. We'd recommend the former. Dove Maximum Protection Cucumber Cream Deodorant offers scientifically proven wetness protection and delivers all-day freshness through odour-fighting technology, and leaves you smelling fresh.

You can buy it here.

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