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Students have been cheating with £45 exam cheat watch

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Students claim toilet clampdown is 'breach of human rights'

living in van save money SMS Blog

Man saves £1000 a month (by sleeping on shelf)

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Mourning student asked to prove her dad died by uni

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Cadburies launch 3 new MASSIVE chocolate bars

uk chemistry professor porn SMS Blog

Top UK chemistry professor turns out to also be porn star

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Wetherspoons up prices - hangovers are about to get really expensive

Cashback Quidco Make Money

7 ways to spend the £90 cashback you could earn using Quidco High Street

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Student fed up with food thief sets ingenious trap - leaves recipe for revenge online

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12 things you did at primary school (which would get you fired at work)

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Examinees made to strip down to underpants "to prevent cheating" and wear anti-cheating helmets

Student kitchen tricks Food & Drink

7 kitchen hacks to save you money and time

no wafer kit kats SMS Blog

Law student finds Kit Kat with no wafer - threatens legal action [UPDATE]

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9 things we all forget when buying a mobile contract

Netflix jobs SMS Blog

Love Netflix & Instagram? This is the best job ever

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Subway now legally obliged to measure their sandwiches

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22 hilarious 'slow news day' headlines

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Fraudster tries to make getaway from police in pink toy car

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Law student finds Kit Kat with no wafer - threatens legal action

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Are these the most disgusting student houses in the UK?

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The best secret sales websites

Students mental health SMS Blog

78% of students have experienced mental health issues in the last year

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Uni bans energy drinks because they 'promote risky sexual activity'

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The government can now see your browser history (even if you delete it)