sainsburys poisons dog SMS Blog

Man accuses Sainbury's of poisoning his dog

sex doll tech conference SMS Blog

Men 'soil' and break £3000 sex robot at conference

Student house party set alight SMS Blog

Third years continue outrageous house party despite huge fire in their garden

Loughborough SU racist event SMS Blog

Loughborough SU causes outrage with slave themed freshers event

Girl brings dog to class SMS Blog

Girl asks her teacher if she can bring her dog to class to escape storm and his response is everything

poundland sex toy range SMS Blog

Poundland has a new sex toy range that even includes 'viagra' pills

kylie and khloe pregnancy SMS Blog

Kim Kardashian has just made a public announcement about all the pregnancy rumours

daily mail too clever funny SMS Blog

These women think they're too clever to have boyfriends

food blogger gets roasted SMS Blog

Pretentious food blogger requests a free meal but gets hilariously roasted instead

Man buys shoes with swastikas SMS Blog

Man buys shoes only to find disturbingly offensive problem with them

Student finds loophole in test SMS Blog

Student finds genius loophole that allows him to cheat for test

weirdest students spend loan SMS Blog

The weirdest things students have spent their loan on

wilson wood harassment SMS Blog

Estate agent horribly harasses girl online, but thankfully the internet is here to back her up

ASDA slammed sexist clothing SMS Blog

Mother's Facebook rant about ASDA's 'sexist' children clothing goes viral

dominos vouchers £25 free SMS Blog

Get ready! Domino's are giving away FREE pizzas today, and here's how you can get yours

fizzy milk arla SMS Blog

A company is planning on making fizzy milk and we are not here for it

Party gran loves the sesh SMS Blog

Does this 80 year old party gran love the sesh more than you? We bet she does.

Uber slammed for sexist advert SMS Blog

Uber customers left baffled by bizarre and ridiculous email promotion

student free drinks at spoons SMS Blog

Student's call for free birthday drinks at Spoons hilariously backfires

asos discount trick US UK SMS Blog

This ASOS trick could save you so much money