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Effective 1st September 2012

We apologise if you start yawning halfway through looking over this stuff but unfortunately it's a must read.

Make sure you're happy with our privacy policy before you engage with our otherwise fairly entertaining site.

Any external content we post or link to is not subject to our Privacy Policy or our Terms and Conditions. Our links to certain products or websites is for your convenience and does not indicate we endorse or support said product/website or otherwise.

Your details and third parties

Your details matter to us tremendously and we promise to take good care of them.

When you sign up to our site, we collect your first name, surname, email address, date of birth, gender and details of your education. All of this information is stored in our secure database.

We don't and won't sell your details to third parties or our partners. This means third parties will not be able to approach you directly – everything will come through us.

It is possible in the future we may sell details of our demographic to companies. For instance, we might tell a Third Party that 30% of males aged 18-21 who signed up to our website looked at our comparison of broadband providers (this statistic is for illustrative purposes only). However, we would never include specifics about that 30%. We may sell data but we wouldn't sell details: your privacy matters and we respect that. Make sense?

Why do we collect your details?

We've got nothing to hide. Firstly, we want to send out a newsletter which signposts our guides and features. Secondly, we know it's important you receive the latest deals and discounts and taking your details means we can easily send the right offers your way. This service is free of charge.

Some of our deals and offers require you to 'sign up' to Student Money Saver. This is because we occasionally enter into business contracts with companies, where we promise their offer will be redeemed by students only. In order for us to hold up our end of the deal, we have to ask visitors to sign up, proving they are a student.


If you're not happy with what you're receiving, please let us know why. We're a friendly bunch and we'd hate to see you leave.

If you must go, there will be a link attached to all emails where you can choose to unsubscribe. You can also send an email to and we'll remove you from our database.

IP Addresses

Your IP address is automatically logged when you enter our website and we keep a record to keep our site and other users safe.


Not the essential childhood companion to a mug of milk. The term 'cookie' refers to a small text file which, if you permit it, is stored on your hard drive. A cookie tracks which pages you visit on Student Money Saver and helps see what's popular and what you like. It's kind of like you picking up an internet hitch-hiker who sends us postcards from everywhere you drive through in our hometown, so we know your favourite spots. That way we can improve our content where it matters most. Additionally, the cookies on our site are functional and 'remember' your name for forms, until you clear history and delete cookies.

Advertisers on our site also have their own cookies which mean they can target you more appropriately, according to your likes and interests.

You can disable cookies on the site, though they do help the site be more functional.

You can find out more about cookies at

Third party advertisements

You will find adverts on our pages and throughout our website. However, we're not stupid with our adverts; you won't find an advert for a pension scheme anywhere. We try and only show adverts that we think will appeal to visitors of any particular page.

We cannot be held responsible for the content of the adverts. Hosting them does not automatically indicate our endorsement of the product.


Student Money Saver is a site aimed for over 16s and subsequently, under-16s cannot sign up for our updates or newsletter.

If you are under 16, please go and get permission from your parent or legal guardian to use this website!

Please note, some content may not be suitable for under-16s or under-18s.

Updates to our privacy policy

We may, from time to time, update our Privacy Policy and our terms and conditions. Please keep an eye on this page to ensure you're happy with any changes that occur. We will do our best to keep you informed of what's happening.

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