Woman complains to Wetherspoons about slow service. Wetherspoons reply 5 years later.

A woman has received a reply to her five year old message to Wetherspoons, complaining about slow service.

Laura was young when she went into Wetherspoons on New Year's Eve-Eve in 2010. Full of dreams for the future and hopes for speedy restaurant / bar service.

But when she got to the bar she found the service to be slower then usual. As this was 2010, and Twitter was a thing, she sent off this polite tweet expressing her mild annoyance at the slow service in Wetherspoons that evening:

Probably sent using an annoyingly slow 3G connection. God, 2010 sucked.

Over five years later she finally got a reply.

Just a short five and a half years after the initial complaint, Wetherspoons' media team sprung into action, rushed to their keyboard to explain to Laura that they were sorry service is so slow but they're working on it, and would have her food / drinks to her in no time.

They were polite and apologetic, everything you'd hope your complaints department to be. Only five years behind the curve.

We're working on it. At our own pace.

Understandably, Laura had moved on a bit with her life since then, though you'd never be able to tell by her profile pic which remained the same.

She immediately called bullsh*t on their claims to newfound speed and efficiency, pointing out...

Some time later that day (of course there was a delay) Wetherspoons admitted she had a fair point.

Legend has it she is still waiting at that same bar for this to be resolved.