Student freezes flatmate's cutlery because they "pissed her off"

A student has frozen her flatmate's cutlery because they "pissed her off".

Annoying a housemate is dangerous territory. Choose the wrong one, and vengeance will be had.

One 18 year old Twitterer, Beth K, for instance, decided to have sweet sweet vengeance on her flatmate through combining water, her flatmate's cutlery and sub-zero temperatures.

Yep, revenge is cutlery, best served cold.

Understandably the flatmate was a little upset by this, despite Beth K's assurance that the ice-block wasn't even that deep.

Yep, you get home and find that all your implements for consuming food are now inaccessible, thanks to ice. Pretty inconvenient.

But apart from that all seemed fine. Vengeance was had and no-one was hurt. Cutlery was presumably borrowed, whilst other cutlery thawed / defrosted in the oven.

But before long the resident assistants in Beth's halls were informed.

Oh dear. When the senior resident tutor wants to see you over a prank you did on a housemate, it's probably not so she can congratulate you on being hilarious.

It turned out the meeting might not just be about the act of revenge, either.

With some reluctance she went to the meeting.

Step two of the process - put your pot of vengeance in freezer, leave to set until cutlery is inaccessible.

Sometime later, after the meeting with her senior residence assistant Beth K updated the waiting Twitterverse.

She was told she it was funny, but unacceptable. Much like every single one of Frankie Boyle's jokes, as reviewed by the Daily Mail.

It's unclear what Beth was taking vengeance for, and whether it merited a cutlery freezing.

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