Creepy doll on plane SMS Blog

It turns out a crying baby isn't the worst thing to share a flight with

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Girl gets really high and made a powerpoint about Shrek's children. It's glorious.

Freshers 2016

Terrified of checking your bank balance? You're with the wrong bank...

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"My freshers is going so well, burnt my room down last night" 😅

Student Money Saver Winners SMS Blog

SMS Competition Winners

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Student writes and submits assignment whilst hammered, regrets decision

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Embarrassing scenes as creepy photographers stalk students during Freshers' Week

Supermarket tips and tricks Food & Drink

How to hack your shopping basket to cut your food bill in half

photoshop images Freshers 2016

6 ways to make your summer photos go viral

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This Scottish boy dressed up as his mum in an attempt to buy alcohol

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10 reasons Mr Robot is the best show on TV

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9 cats for every stage of uni life